Contextual research

People are rarely conscious of what they do. When asked to describe their actions or lifestyle, the answers are often optimistic and inaccurate. An emphasis on context allows us to expose the patterns that underlie the reality of people’s behaviours and experiences.

Drawing heavily on ethnographic techniques borrowed from anthropology, our contextual research immerses us in the world of consumers, users, stakeholders and thought leaders across diverse markets and geographies. For example, we don’t just interview hospital staff, we become the patient or doctor. We attempt to experience their life; take their viewpoint. We observe and shadow their tasks or the journeys they make. We still listen to their stories, but ground them in context. This research delivers a visually rich output of video and imagery for analysis.

Through collaborative synthesis and analysis we transform these complex experiences and stories of real people into meaningful patterns, insights and frameworks. These direct new opportunities for the development of products, services and communications.

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