Senior Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for exceptional senior mechanical engineers with extensive product development experience to join our successful, dynamic technical team.

We operate in multi-functional project teams and our mechanical engineers need to work closely with designers, electronics and software engineers and other skill teams to integrate the visual and functional aspects of a product.


  • You will need a 1st or Upper 2nd degree in mechanical engineering from a university with a strong engineering reputation, or an equivalent broad based technical qualification.
  • You should have worked in a product design or development environment, applying Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools and computational techniques to deliver product solutions, utilising a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials.
  • You must be a creative problem-solver, able to generate innovative solutions to design problems.
  • You will need to assimilate new information and learn new skills very quickly in a dynamic, consultancy environment.
  • You will be expected to advise, support and check the work of the more junior members of the engineering team.  Successful candidates will often be expected to manage the financial and commercial aspects of projects as well as leading the technical work.  This will involve selecting and organising the team, managing budgets and timescales, liaising with and presenting to our clients.
  • You must be a good verbal and written communicator. 
  • You will need to be enthusiastic, hardworking and proud of your work.  People at DCA are passionate about the creation and delivery of new products.

We offer competitive salaries, with other benefits such as discretionary bonuses, overtime and profit-related pay schemes. We combine formal training and on-the-job career development through our mentoring and reviewing processes.  

Email [email protected] to apply for this position.