Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for highly motivated embedded software engineers with product development experience to join our multidisciplinary team.

In this role you will undertake the development and documentation of medical device software, as well as contributing to the planning and management of software work packages, so previous experience in this area would be beneficial.  However, if you do not already have in depth knowledge and experience of the relevant medical device procedures, we can provide you with the necessary training and guidance. You will need the drive and commitment to tackle software delivery in this challenging and highly regulated specialist field.

You will have:

  • Varied embedded software development experience.
  • Experience in software lifecycle management and the application of rigorous quality management systems.
  • Excellent embedded software skills.
  • Experience in a key software development role, ideally heading up a significant software work stream, within a multidisciplinary product development programme.
  • The communication skills to deal directly with DCA’s clients.
  • 1st or upper 2nd class degree in software engineering from a university with a strong software reputation, or equivalent qualification.

We can give you the opportunity to work with first-class colleagues on interesting design and development projects, often seeing the design through from initial specification to manufacturing handover.

We offer competitive salaries and other benefits such as bonus and profit-related pay schemes. We help our staff grow with regular professional and technical development opportunities.

Development experience:

We are looking for experienced software engineers who have a deep knowledge of developing real-time software in C for embedded microcontrollers. A good understanding of electronics and the ability to read schematics is important.

Planning and management skills:

You will need to have experience in planning some significant software aspects of development projects, and taking ownership of delivering software solutions within agreed timescales.

Communication skills:

You will deal directly with clients and suppliers and so you need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You will need to be capable of presenting formally and writing reports suitable for client delivery.

Multidisciplinary approach:

We operate in multi-functional project teams. You will be interacting with designers, mechanical engineers and electronics engineers to help develop a product architecture that takes account of all the visual and functional aspects of a product.

Technical leadership:

You are likely to be responsible for delivering significant packages of software as part of a project team. You may also need to direct and support other members of the project team, controlling the quality of software releases and documentation.

Enthusiasm and commitment:

People at DCA take pride in their work and deliver a very high quality result. You need to be dedicated and enthusiastic about the whole process of product creation and delivery.