Air Wick launches advanced plug-in

Published on: 28th March 2024

Reckitt have launched Air Wick’s most advanced refillable scented oil warmer plug-in.

Its unique anti-fading technology diffuses timed pulses of fragrance into your room to tackle olfactory fatigue so that you will notice their nature-inspired fragrances from first to last drop. And its smart features don’t stop there. It also includes a distinctive satin chrome capacitive boost button to instantly activate a 45-minute high-intensity mode. Finally, this device is equipped with a variety of LED indicators that let you know it's running, when it’s been adjusted between each of its 5 intensity settings and even alerts you when the refill needs replacing.

Packaged within a discreet, elegant and premium form factor, it reflects Air Wick’s established brand equities that have become familiar to consumers. Although this smart plug-in device launches alongside Air Wick’s new ‘Vibrant’ fragrance range it is compatible with all existing refills.

Industrial Designers, electronic hardware engineers and mechanical engineers at DCA collaborated closely with the BXD, Category Marketing and R&D functions at Reckitt to deliver this disruptive innovation. We are delighted with the result and can't think of a more fitting way to celebrate our 18-year partnership with Reckitt.