BD Libertas™ receives Good Design Award 2018

Published on: 14th March 2019

BD and DCA Design International Ltd have won a GOOD DESIGN® Award 2018 for BD’s Libertas™, a fully mechanical, wearable, high performance injector.

Founded in 1950, GOOD DESIGN® is the world’s most prestigious, recognized, and oldest Design Awards program organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

BD Libertas™ is a wearable injector purposefully designed for self-administration of large volume and high viscosity drugs subcutaneously. It was specifically developed to administer biologic medicines for various chronic diseases over longer periods of time that cannot be administered through the use of auto-injectors. The design prioritizes safety, usability, and convenience of administering in-home, while delivering high performance with manufacturing efficiency.

BD Libertas™ is the product of a rigorous evidence-based development approach, covering all aspects of the design. User research was carried out to determine and assess technical and ergonomic requirements as well as aesthetic preference. The design work held these user needs in primary focus while offering an efficient technical solution for pharmaceutical companies. This has resulted in a device that is simple to use with a complimentary, appropriate, visual appeal.

DCA Senior Sector Manager, Malcolm Boyd commented ‘We are honoured that BD Libertas™ has been recognised with this prestigious accolade, which combined with the iF award received earlier in 2018, affirms the quality of the visual design. The awards are a testament to the evidence-based design approach and close collaboration of the BD and DCA design teams during development. Congratulations to all involved.’