CES 2015: Inspiring Finds

Published on: 20th January 2015

The beginning of January sees the technology community descend on Las Vegas to showcase the good, bad and bizarre of consumer electronics. DCA were there, and on my first visit to CES I spent three days roaming exhibition halls filled with everyone from global giants to Kickstarter campaigns. Here’s a selection of highlights from the experiences which most captured my attention:
BMW at CES 2015

BMW Laserlight Presentation

BMW had a large presence at CES with a fleet of test vehicles and technical demonstrations of their BMW i series. With a combination of smart thinking and a superbly executed presentation it was their Intelligent Laserlight concept that really stole the show. OLED headlights and external cameras combine to selectively illuminate portions of the road in response to the conditions ahead – for instance highlighting potential hazards, avoiding the path of an oncoming car or anticipating a bend in the road.

Sony Life Space UX

Sony’s large stand at CES was an audio/visual feast of products wrapped in an impressive 360° projected montage. One corner of the booth was dedicated to their Life Space UX concept, a suite of products aiming to integrate technology seamlessly and invisibly into the home environment. Slowly evolving over the last year many of them are now close to launch. Most impressive were the short-throw projectors, particularly those integrated into ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures.

ODG AR Glasses

Momentum behind the Google Glass project may have slowed in recent months but that hasn’t stopped Sony, Epson, Toshiba and others from presenting their vision of how head-mounted augmented-reality might function. Outside the main hall at Tech West stood ODG, quietly bringing their industrial AR eyewear into the consumer world. Their optical system was seemingly leaps ahead of the competition with a phenomenally bright, see-through display.

Marley Bluetooth speakers

Like fitness trackers and connected home products, it is hard to turn a corner at CES without finding another Bluetooth speaker. The product range from Marley was notable for its delightful use of wooden materials to create a sophisticated set of products in keeping with the home environment.

CES 2015

Intel + Seeing Machines eye tracking

On a stand filled with demonstrations of their Realsense technology, it was Intel’s automotive showcase in the entranceway which most caught my eye. In collaboration with Seeing Machines, Intel introduced a steering-wheel mounted tracking unit which could accurately and promptly provide feedback on the driver’s gaze. Combined with external sensors, the system alerts the driver only when a lapse in concentration is a concern, avoiding an unnecessary flood of distracting notifications.

CES 2015

Withings Activité Pop

At IFA in September I was impressed with the Withings Activité watch. Now their newer and cheaper Activité Pop stands out amongst a sea of Android Wear devices. A clever mix of analogue and digital, Withings are building up an impressive portfolio of health and lifestyle products.

Sharp Free-Form Displays

Announced earlier this year, Sharp’s Free-Form displays were just as impressive in real-life as could be hoped. With a variety of forms and only the smallest hint of a bezel it will be great to see them work their way into applications including automotives and wearables in the near future.