IEP in production

The Class 800 enters production and DCA's full size mock up is approved

Published on: 17th December 2014

The Class 800 design has now entered production and DCA’s full size mock up has been approved by all the relevant project stakeholders. So at the end of November the 30 meter mock up was transported from our prototyping facility in Warwick to its new home at Hitachi’s North Pole Train Maintenance Centre in London.

Over a period of two days each of the six separate mock up sections, including the mock up of the exterior and interior of the driver’s cab, was prepared for transportation, lifted onto low loaders and moved to a temporary site near Birmingham whilst preparations were made to receive them in London.

The individual mock up sections, each weighing in at approximately 2 metric tonnes, were fitted with bespoke rail wheel assemblies designed and engineered by DCA.  These wheel assemblies proved to be a great success, allowing the mock up to be transported within the North Pole Train Maintenance Centre using part of the existing network of railway tracks.  On arrival at the North Pole facility the mock up sections were lifted from the low loaders and positioned onto the rails, then moved into a building on-site in the correct configuration.