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DCA are ‘virtual exhibitors’ at DDL2020 Christmas Lectures Conference

Published on: 1st December 2020

DCA are ‘virtual exhibitors’ and Sponsors at this year’s DDL2020 Christmas Lectures Conference on 9th – 11th December. Senior members of DCA’s Medical team will be on hand to discuss your challenges, opportunities, and how we can help you achieve success through great product design.

'The attitude of UK asthma patients towards ‘smart’ and connected inhaler features.'

A sophisticated online, closed-response survey captured the priorities and preferences of 166 UK asthma patients aged 18 to 75+ towards these ‘smart’/connected features and the potential trade-offs that they could introduce. Data was collected for patients of different ages, using different medications and inhaler types, and with varying levels of asthma control. This allowed us to uncover a number of interesting findings regarding the attitudes of different patient groups.

Please come and visit us on our DDL2020 Virtual Booth, or if you would like to arrange a specific time to meet, please contact Jane Allen ([email protected])