IEP train cab

DCA develops a new approach for assessing and reducing glare in train cabs

Published on: 22nd October 2014

The consideration of human factors has played a key role in the design of the UK’s new intercity express train – the Class 800/801 train.

As part of DCA’s work on the design of the driver’s cab, it was important to provide an estimation of the cab’s performance against internal and external glare sources. DCA developed a new structured approach allowing them to identify and mitigate sources of glare early in the design process. The process involved assessing the impact of glare sources located in predefined locations. This led to a number of design changes including recessing controls and adjustment to the desk cowling. The assessment was repeated following these modifications to confirm their effectiveness.

Together with Hitachi  Rail Europe, DCA has documented a description of this approach that has been accepted for publication in the Journal for Applied Ergonomics.

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