DCA sponsored student wins prize for university project

Published on: 24th October 2019

Miroslaw Blicharz, one of DCA’s sponsored electronics students, has won the BAE Systems Applied Intelligence prize for his third year university project on a mobile air quality sensing suite for bicycles. 

Miroslaw developed a system currently fitted to three pool bikes at the University of Surrey that collects CO, SO2 and NO2 readings, combines these with location and time information and then transmits the data to the cloud using the university’s LoRa network.

On the strength of his project report, Miroslaw was part of a small group who presented their projects to the award panel, and he was subsequently selected as the winner.

Congratulations to Miroslaw from all of us at DCA for this achievement, demonstrating his skills in low-power hardware and software design, RF communications and product integration, as well as his determination to help improve the quality of people’s lives – in this case by monitoring air quality.