DCA's industrial design team win two 2020 Red Dot Concept Awards

Published on: 28th August 2020

DCA is delighted to announce that internal design concepts, Rolly and Raeda, have won two of this year's prestigious Red Dot concept awards.


Rolling up to securely carry the essentials needed for baby feeding, the Rolly bib helps parents to navigate messy mealtimes on the go and reduce forgotten items left at home.

Feeding any baby on the go can be chaotic. Parents must tackle fussy little ones, unhygienic public surfaces and thrown food - all whilst searching in the depths of their nappy bag for the bib or spoon that they ultimately learn they forgot to pack.

When parents already have so many things to remember just to leave the house with a baby, Rolly provides a visual guide to help overtired parents run through the mealtime checklist. When the bib is rolled around the kit of parts, it forms a compact carry case, making it near impossible to ever forget your bib. Rolly can adapt with you, saving space by only taking the essentials that you need. For snack times or short trips out, the bib structure securely carries fewer food pots by rolling in on itself.


RAEDA is an AI home personal trainer that uses 3D depth mapping to provide real-time coaching, teaching correct form and technique when strength training.

“With 40% of consumers expecting to exercise more due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect this new approach to at-home fitness to continue for months to come” (LSN Global, 2020).  As people become more accustomed to at-home fitness experiences, RAEDA aims to support and facilitate this experience during and following lockdown.

RAEDA brings the experience of a personal trainer to the comfort of your own home. RAEDA will help to reduce injury through real-time coaching and enables live remote learning / training. This is something that longer term we may see a broader acceptance of as live sessions with the likes of PE with Joe Wicks, become the norm.