Dragonfly hyperscooter featured in Future Vehicle and Engineering magazines

Published on: 13th February 2020

In an article featured in the latest edition of Future Vehicle and Engineering magazines, Rob Bassil, DCA’s Technical Director, describes how we have worked closely with Jeremy “Jez” Williman over the past 10 months to translate the original conceptual proposal he developed with Ratio Design into the prototype Dragonfly hyperscooter that was launched at the end of last year.

DCA’s team-based multidisciplinary approach, supported by our in-house model making and prototyping capabilities, allowed us to develop the visual design, ergonomics, mechanical engineering, electronics and software for the Dragonfly prototype in parallel.  We have worked very closely with Jez throughout, particularly on the visual design, to ensure that we captured every nuance of his original vision for the Dragonfly product.

The article explains how we took the original conceptual proposal from early functional rigs that explored a range of alternative steering and suspension options, through a Works Like (WL) prototype incorporating engineering solutions for all the core functional elements, to the Looks Like, Works Like (LLWL) prototype design, which combines these proven engineering systems with the visual design approved by Jez.

This LLWL prototype design includes many innovative and unique features, including the patent-pending Full-Tilt steering technology, which integrates both tilt and twist controls.  In combination with the double wishbone suspension, this provides the rider with a unique experience that is both reassuringly precise and fun.

For the launch at the end of last year, not only were we able to provide the prototype that featured in the publicity film, but our multi-media team also created a series of computer renderings and animations as well as live video footage to support Clarity, the marketing, PR and communications consultancy responsible for the product branding and marketing.