Dragonfly Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) launched

Published on: 17th December 2019

We are delighted to announce the public unveiling of the Dragonfly PEV. DCA’s multi-disciplinary team of designers, mechanical engineers, ergonomists, software and hardware engineers, and model makers has worked very closely with Jeremy Williman from the D-Fly Group to develop this unique electric mobility solution from an early conceptual proposal developed by Jeremy and Ratio Design.

Dragonfly combines leading-edge automotive styling with performance, practicality – and fun! It includes a series of patent-pending features, including the integrated tilt and turn tiller steering and suspension, which allows the rider to experience the joy of carving whilst providing a compact turning circle for manoeuvring out of tight urban spaces when you need it.

We look forward to seeing Dragonfly reshape the global electric scooter market.

To explore Dragonfly in more detail and discover the range of features that make it unique, please visit www.d-fly.com