Encouraging girls to consider careers in engineering and design

Published on: 8th November 2016

DCA continues its drive to encourage more local school children to consider a career in engineering or design by attending the 6th form open evening at Stratford Upon Avon Girls’ Grammar School on 3rd November.

Contrary to the rather dispiriting experience highlighted by Dawn Bonfield, the former Chief Executive of the Women’s Engineering Society, in a recent article published by the BBC, we found that the girls attending this event were enthusiastic to learn about the opportunities available to them in product design and development.  Like Lina Nilsson (quoted in the same BBC article) our experience was that girls were excited by the prospect of using their creativity to deliver products that benefit society and improve individual lifestyles.

One great comment we received from Zoe illustrates how well the evening went:
“Wow that was the best thing of the whole evening. It was great. Fantastic!”