Engineering the experience for LYNX body spray

Published on: 14th April 2014

DCA is proud to have been involved in the creation of the new aerosol can for LYNX body spray.  The new can, a result of a close partnership with the Packaging Development team at Unilever’s Deodorants Global Design Centre in Leeds, is being rolled out globally under the AXE brand.

Our involvement in the project, known as Polaris, began early in the design process, before a single concept had been selected for development. By applying a concurrent engineering approach from the early stages of concept design involving SeymourPowell, we were able to give the team confidence that the desired ‘magic’ could be realised, and this in turn enabled them to have greater confidence to push the boundaries of what could be possible.

To conceive a pack intended to create a sense of magic and delight for the consumer is one thing. To engineer this sensorial experience for the user, in a high volume low cost product is where the ‘magic’ is delivered. At DCA we call this ‘Engineering the experience’.

Paul Howells VP R&D Packaging commented: “It's been a long and challenging journey but the result is outstanding! DCA have been our partner on this journey, which is a superb example of collaboration between our organisations”.

This project is the latest in a growing list of close collaborations between DCA and Unilever’s Deo team. Over the past 4 years, this has included increasing levels of engineering input in the development of parts for the recently introduced Sure for Women and Rexona for Men aerosol cans.


Sure for Men and Sure for Women deodorant cans