FIveAI founder featured on BBC’s The Boss series

Published on: 10th October 2018

This week the BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiled Stan Boland, the founder and chief executive of FiveAI. DCA worked closely with FiveAI to help deliver the eight autonomous development vehicles now undergoing testing in South London.

Mr Boland is a Cambridge University physics graduate who, at the age of 58, has already grown and sold two British technology companies with a combined value in excess of $1bn. With FiveAI he is taking on US giants such as Google, Uber and Tesla in the race to deliver a viable autonomous vehicle based shared taxi service.

Whilst acknowledging the challenges ahead Mr Boland is confident that in the next three or four years FiveAI’s cars will be equal to human levels of safety. “And then we want to improve from there,” he says. “we are going to transform the way our cities operate. It is going to be a massive revolution”.