Linn launch Selekt DSM, to revolutionise interaction with digital music

Published on: 3rd October 2018

DCA is delighted to have worked with Linn’s engineering team, to design and develop Selekt DSM, a bold new design direction for Linn and one that is grounded in the company’s ethos of consistently pushing the boundaries in pursuit of perfect sound.

Linn products, one of the world’s finest audio manufacturers who has been at the forefront of audio technology for over 50 years has launched Selekt DSM, a new network music player. Selekt DSM is a fully modular system that allows the user to upgrade their configurations at the point of purchase or anytime in the future. This unique modularity provided design challenges from the outset and meant that every user touch point had to be considered both externally and internally; from the intuitive way the product is disassembled to the sophisticated electronics modules that provide the user with such an upgrade path.

Every element of Selekt DSM is precision engineered for the most authentic musical performance possible. This precision continues through to the physical UI with a cut glass dial housing 100 LED’s to provide the user with a precise representation of the volume and additional core functionality when required. The dial is strategically positioned on the midway point between the moulded display module (housing an AMOLED screen) and the precision aluminium casework; visually connecting the two. The dial visually extends through the product to form the front foot which houses the quality plaque, a very important part for the design journey as every single unit is handmade at the Linn factory in Glasgow.

Selekt DSM has received an exceptional reception from the Hi-Fi world with HiFi+ summarising: “This is not a small step forward; it’s a step-change in audio design, digital streaming is reborn”.