Milan design week 2019

Published on: 18th April 2019

A group of four DCA employees went back to explore Milan design week this year, looking for fresh inspiration, new trends and unique materials.
The overarching theme for the 2019 show was "Experience" with a particular focus on immersive spaces and light.
These are our top five picks this year.

1. Nendo x Daikin “Breeze of Light”

This captivating play on space conveyed a surprising sense of emotion and was our most memorable experience at Milan this year. Thousands of flowers created shadows using polarized film which shifted and changed around you.

The use of light, sound, and the winding path created a beautiful and calming atmosphere which we didn’t want to part from. 


2. Wallpaper* Handmade X

Bringing together some of the best young designers and makers, the Wallpaper* Handmade X exhibition at the Salone dei Tessuti was celebrating its 10th year of pairing some of the finest creative talents and rising stars with the most outstanding makers and manufacturers. This year’s theme of ‘LOVE’ resulted in a definite shift towards objects of affection with a traditional feel optimised by the ‘Pastel People’ from Hayon Studio and Caran d’Ache.


3. Moooi “A Life Extraordinary”

Denim and unusual fabrics were used often at Milan this year, but none as successful as at Moooi’s ‘A Life Extraordinary’. Although not interactive, the space was playful with tactile wall coverings and the personified ‘Singing Chandelier’ bringing a little joy to the room.


4. DNP “Patterns as Time” with AtMa & NOIZ

DNP created a space which juxtaposed bold geometry and complex patterns where light became the medium to transform what you could see. Camouflage-type patterns concealed objects such as chairs which seamlessly switched appearance to a solid colour. The room was split in two, with the other half being a much more open space with the layering of suspended geometric lights which changed colour and carried their own unique and intricate etchings.


5. Hyundai x Monocle “Style Set Free”

Developed as an immersive environment, the Hyundai Experience explored the connections between ourselves, materials, spaces and time and how modifying these can result in an incredibly personalised experience.  A personal, interactive multi-sensory exhibition, Hyundai offered an experience vision that enabled visitors to create their own living space inside their vehicles, thanks to upgradeable products and services.

Set under the banner ‘Style Set Free’, the environment was set out to further elaborate on how future vehicles will become individual living spaces, a trend very noticeable this year with the Honda ePrototype also exhibited within a calming interior environment designed as an antidote to the hustle and bustle of the busy Tortona district.


Special Mention: Alcantara “de/coding”

Situated in the beautiful tapestry rooms of Milan’s Royal Palace, Alcantara split the space into four different engaging spaces which encouraged an element of interaction. From turning historic tapestries into 3D artwork to huge mythological sculptures the subject matter was really brought to life by the environment in which it was displayed.