DCA Design Project team gets chance to fly FSS simulator

Project team gets chance to fly FSS simulator

Published on: 19th December 2019

The FSS simulator team from Rolls-Royce and Cranfield University kindly invited representatives from the DCA project team to the Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC) at Cranfield to see the exciting research work that is underway using the simulator cockpit that DCA designed and built as part of the FSS programme.

It was great to see the simulator installed, up and running and integrated with the other simulator systems housed within the AIRC building. Now we can really see how our modular cockpit and user interface interact with all the other parts of the system developed jointly by Rolls-Royce and Cranfield University to deliver a highly configurable, immersive flying experience in which endless future flight scenarios can be rapidly and flexibly tested.

And best of all we got the chance to briefly fly the simulator and feel just how realistic the experience we helped deliver is. Several of us were more than a little shaken by our failure to complete a safe landing.

Thanks once again to our hosts, Peter Beecroft from Rolls-Royce and Mudassir Lone from Cranfield University, for making us feel so welcome on the day and making DCA feel like a valued member of their project team.


DCA Design Project team gets chance to fly FSS simulator