Picco is an autoinjector platform that is compatible with a range of fluid viscosities in either 1ml or 2.25ml pre-filled syringes and features press-on-skin activation.

It is a simple, compact, low cost, fully-featured and high-value device platform, that is also an efficient foundation for a wide variety of connectivity options.

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Both the 1.0ml and 2.25ml variants are significantly smaller than established competitors.

Picco is extremely compact

Picco is low cost, featuring just five moulded components and two simple compression springs. Yet despite this, it incorporates a full range of usability focussed features. .

Picco is fully featured

It offers a wide range of integrated and modular connectivity options - NFC, Bluetooth and Cellular – that remain compact and retain the same core auto-injection mechanism.

Picco is future-proofed