Railway cab design

When you travel on the Euroshuttle under the English Channel, the driver will be in a cab designed by DCA.

Our process begins by understanding the driver's day-to-day working practices and analysing their resulting task lists. From this we can generate an optimum equipment layout that not only satisfies mandatory requirements, but is also comfortable, intuitive and stress-free to work with. In parallel, we explore sightlines for the full range of driver gender and physique using theoretical data, CAD models and practical rigs.

The ergonomic cab layout is then captured in the detailed design of the driver and non-driver's desk, which must also take account of the selected manufacturing approach, the strength and weight of the resulting structure, the location and fixing of the desk equipment and the provision of maintenance access.

This work is all captured in the production of a realistic full size mock-up, which  we use for a full practical assessment of the proposed design and to obtain final buy-in from the Drivers' Council.

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