Corporate Environmental Policy statement

We at DCA Design International Ltd recognise our environmental responsibilities, both in terms of the way in which we operate our business as well as in the environmental profile of the products that we help our clients develop and bring to the market.

We are committed to seeking to improve our environmental performance.

DCA Design International recognises the following key aims: 

Business operation

  • Monitor and improve environmental performance and seek ways to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Consider environmental factors in business decisions.
  • Comply with relevant environmental regulations.
  • Use only licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

Design development process

  • Increase awareness of the important role that designers & engineers can have in determining the potential environmental impacts of the products we design.
  • Where appropriate, encourage our clients to include environmental considerations in projects.
  • Maintain an awareness of relevant environmental regulations, legislation and standards in order to be able to support our clients with their practical application.
  • Identify and maintain practical development tools to help facilitate appropriate integration of 'eco-design' principles into DCA's development work as and when requested by our clients.
  • Ensure that staff are aware of these tools and, where appropriate, provide training in their application.

Robert Woolston, Managing Director
11th May 2015