Systems engineering

From its origins in early telephone laboratories to the latest space travel programmes, systems engineering is a skill that manages and enables the efficient and effective integration of multiple diverse specialist skills within controlled processes, to realise successful outcomes in complex projects.
For us, it’s inherent in how we think and we’ve been doing it since we started product development. Our multidisciplinary philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach to product design and development.

Whether it is the integration of two, three or all of our skills bases, our highly experienced team of Skill leaders, Project and Sector managers provide system level integration plans and strategies for everything from large scale transportation projects to next-generation advanced, smart, drug delivery devices or consumer products. For us, system engineering is at the heart of every project; from the very first seeds of an idea, forming the system design and system architecture, through to full industrialisation support.

To learn more of the specific services we offer, in the knowledge that we have been successfully integrating and managing them in complex systems projects since 1960, please visit the following sections: