Triple award win for two products designed by DCA

Published on: 26th May 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Polident Dental Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner and the Huel Nutrition Shaker have both been awarded Good Design, IF and Red Dot awards.
Polident Dental Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Polident Dental Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner provides discreet, effective and automated in-home cleaning of dentures, and has been designed specifically for the Japanese market. The design was driven by the aspiration of optimising the user experience, with ease of use, inclusivity and hygiene being paramount. Furthermore, the clean lines and uncluttered surfacing, coupled with the use of high quality materials and an exceptional build quality, bestow a premium look and feel, intended to align well with the Japanese market. 

Huel Shaker

Huel and DCA worked closely to design and develop a sustainable, on-brand alternative to their existing shaker, creating something in line with Huel's brand language that was more reflective of the everyday, modern lifestyles that Huel customers lead. The shaker needed to be something that would slot easily into their busy lives while also feeling like an upgrade to throwaway alternatives - a product that consumers were proud to possess. At the centre of the Huel brand is sustainability which led directly to the approach taken for this project;  it was designed for longevity, to ensure that the shaker was never mistaken for a disposable item.