Sanofi adds to Allstar® platform with a new reusable pen for concentrated insulin

Published on: 28th September 2021

Sanofi have recently launched the TouStar® reusable pen injector in India, adding another device to the versatile, multi-award winning AllStar® platform.
TouStar® is the first reusable insulin pen for delivery of Toujeo®, a concentrated basal insulin from Sanofi. With a dedicated cartridge system, TouStar® can only be used with Toujeo® cartridges. These contain a concentrated ‘U300’ formula with 50% more insulin than a regular cartridge, making them more convenient and longer lasting. The new dedicated cartridge system is intended to simplify the cartridge exchange process and help prevent insulin mix-ups from occurring, by preventing users from accidentally attaching an incompatible insulin cartridge.

DCA partnered Sanofi throughout the design and development of the TouStar® pen.

TouStar® and Toujeo® are registered trademarks of Sanofi.