Aerial view malvern girls school

DCA continue promoting design and engineering in schools at Malvern St James Girls' School

Published on: 16th November 2015

As part of our ongoing programme to promote careers in design and engineering amongst the younger generations, DCA presented to students at Malvern St James Girls' School. The presentation built on last year’s visit to the Stratford Girls’ Grammar School.

We highlighted the power of product design and development and how it can be used to impact people’s lives for the better. We also showed how exciting and rewarding an engineering or design career in product development can be and outlined the further education choices and potential career paths for those considering these options.

Last year, according to the Design & Technology Association, the UK’s engineering, creative and manufacturing industries were worth over £500 billion. Yet we are facing a skills shortage in these industries in the coming years, with EngineeringUK predicting a 25,000 shortfall each year in HND/C and degree qualified engineers. With our involvement in schools, DCA hopes to encourage future generations to pursue a career in design or engineering and help curb the shortfall we are facing.