Ruby, an upright photon therapy system, wins 2023 GOOD DESIGN® Award

Published on: 22nd December 2023

We are excited to announce that Leo Cancer Care’s Ruby system has not only been awarded a GOOD DESIGN® Award.

Named after Ruby Payne-Scott, a pioneer in radiophysics, the Ruby system is a complete upright cancer treatment solution: a real-time, image-guided, photon radiotherapy system.

Integrating Leo Cancer Care’s upright patient positioning system, Ruby has been designed to improve the effectiveness, and the patient experience, of radiotherapy, making it an exciting part of the next generation of cancer care.

Ruby’s visual design focuses on minimising the size and visual presence of the complex system, which includes a linear accelerator and cone beam CT imaging to support accurate treatment delivery. This was carefully balanced with prioritising easy access, for both therapist and patient, partly achieved through innovative arrangement of imaging equipment, while simultaneously providing a comfortable and familiar aesthetic. This design adopts pure, quietly confident, forms, carrying an intrinsic logic. The patient facing surfaces softly curve, which, combined with refined lighting and textiles, offer reassurance through a homely familiarity. All of these aspects are embodied with awareness of the healthcare environment in which they are being installed.

Stephen Towe, CEO of Leo Cancer Care commented “Following in the footsteps of our Marie and Eve systems, it’s testament to the quality of work and collaboration that Ruby has also been recognised with these accolades. Thanks to DCA Design International for their support in the design phase for this innovative project. Another great achievement for our two businesses. Congratulations!”

About GOOD DESIGN®. For seven decades since its inception, The Chicago Athenaeum continues the organisation of the program to create awareness about contemporary design and to honour both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace. GOOD DESIGN® was founded in Chicago in 1950 by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Eero Saarinen, and Charles and Ray Eames. Mort Goldsholl also created the iconic Good Design logo in 1950. The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN® program is on quality design of the highest form, function, and aesthetics a standard beyond ordinary consumer products and graphics. The Chicago Athenaeum's GOOD DESIGN® Program forwards the ideals of a design process that embodies product excellence and endurance and strong public identity.

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