ADAS sensor enclosures system delivered for Arrival

Published on: 26th April 2023


DCA helped deliver a fully operational data collection vehicle for Arrival as part of their ADAS (Automatic Driving Assist System) development programme. Our contribution to this system comprises of two roof-mounted sensor enclosures designed, populated and installed by DCA in collaboration with the Arrival team. Key to the project was housing the sensors in ways that allow them to function optimally while isolating them from general road vibrations and protecting them from the elements, as the vehicles will be used extensively on UK roads in all weather conditions. Providing easy access for servicing was also a priority.
Arrival is aiming to be a global leader in electric and autonomous delivery vehicles and this data collection vehicle is part of their journey to achieving their aim of reshaping the future of logistics.
‘At Arrival, we are reinventing both the design and production of electric vehicles for end-to-end sustainability. Only true innovation of both products and processes can deliver the radical impact we need to combat the worst effects of the climate crisis.'