DCA designer wins Core 77 App to the Future Design Challenge

Published on: 12th March 2013

Martin Spurway, an Industrial Designer at DCA has won the Core 77 App to the Future Design Challenge.

‘Tide’ is a surfing forecast app, which is a more natural way of processing swell data. Rather than trawling through tables and bar charts, tide creates a more gestural way of exploring the waves through time whilst allowing fast access to the data that most is important to surfers. ‘As an industrial designer I’ve found when creating these interactive experiences the large amount of similarities to designing a hardware product’ Martin explained, ‘From the subtlety of how it responds to touch, to the creation of a distinctive look and feel, my skills have been transferable to create  relevant, intuitive and delightful connected experiences that stands out among competitors.’

After winning the competition Martin’s ‘Tide’ App is being developed for a release as a free download via various App Stores in the coming months.