DBA award and solostar

DCA and Sanofi Aventis win at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

Published on: 23rd October 2009

DCA and Sanofi Aventis swept the board, taking Gold, International Export and GRAND PRIX at the 2009 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards.

The awards were for the SoloSTAR® insulin injector pen, designed for Sanofi Aventis.

As the Chairman of the judges, Michael Bates, Marketing Director, Morrisons, summed up: 'A stunning example of how thoughtful and measured design can improve the quality of life for so many people'. 'An outstanding example of great design, combining functional style, performance and excellent presentation. The clear combination of commercial success and excellent user and physician feedback make this a worthy winner'.

DCA's Managing Director, Robert Woolston, commented: 'SoloSTAR® is a great example of an intelligent, evidence-based approach to design. The resulting success of SoloSTAR® clearly shows good design, yet again, making the difference, improving lives and achieving commercial success. We are delighted that the SoloSTAR® design has been recognised for its effectiveness by the judges of the DBA awards'.

(Lantus® SoloStar® is a registered brand of Sanofi Aventis).