sensodyne bottle

DCA Help GSK create new Sensodyne mouthwash bottle

Published on: 3rd February 2015

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has launched a new mouthwash for Sensodyne®, in line with the brand credentials as the no.1 dentist recommended brand for sensitivity. Developed in partnership with the GSK Global Design Team, DCA has created the 3D structure and unique measuring cap for the new mouthwash bottle.

Andrew Barraclough VP of Global design at GSK Consumer healthcare says “The new cap is a great example where an inclusive design approach has created a good design for everyone”. The simple but elegant co-moulded child resistant cap allows easier and more accurate dosing through its new easy to see measure.

The new bottle embodies/ the Sensodyne® brand language through the use of a visually distinctive lozenge shaped form. DCA developed an inherently strong ‘concave raceway’ which accentuates the lozenge. This enables high quality pressure sensitive labels to be applied, with new branding created by Interbrand to replace the shrink sleeve on the previous bottle.

Sensodyne® has been dedicated to helping people relieve the pain of sensitive teeth for over 50 years with its range of science based products. New alcohol free Sensodyne® mouthwash provides long lasting protection from sensitivity pain and works to soothe the nerves inside the tooth, when used twice daily after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Monika Fleischhacker, Global Marketing Director Sensodyne said ‘As a consumer healthcare organisation, we are committed to leading the development of science in dentine hypersensitivity to improve oral health. “We are very proud of the new bottle for Sensodyne. It has great impact on the shelf while greatly improving manufacturing and usability”.