Scholl gel activ

DCA help RB create new Scholl GelActiv insole ranges

Published on: 16th January 2015

Working in partnership with the RB Global Design and R&D teams, DCA has developed three distinct ranges of insoles featuring GelActiv technology: Sport; Everyday and Work. All feature the unique GelActiv technology, to give the right balance of cushioning.

Peter Kay, DCA's head of FMCG design commented, "The challenge for us lay in defining and differentiating each of the products, based on their function - be it for sport, work or everyday use, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel across all the GelActiv SKUs".

The heel detail is a key linking element which communicates comfort, performance and quality across the range. On a visual level, patterns and colour are used to communicate different characteristics of each product. The contour design in the sole is different for each product; echoing the pressure areas of the foot and communicates how the insole functions. Different versions are available for men and women and all can be trimmed to fit your foot size.

The Scholl GelActiv Work insoles help reduce the excessive pressure being put on your feet for a long period. They feature cooling vents designed to keep feet cool and dry on the job and provide effective all-day shock absorption, especially on hard surfaces.