DCA Korus microphone concept wins a prestigious 2017 Red Dot Design Award

Published on: 18th July 2017

DCA is delighted to announce that our KORUS microphone concept has won a prestigious 2017 Red Dot Design Award. This year there were 4,724 entries from 54 countries in the Red Dot concept category alone, with a distinguished panel of internationally renowned design experts selecting KORUS as one of the winners.

No matter what sounds or instruments you wish to record, KORUS microphones can easily be tailored to perfectly capture them, all without wires.

The ingenuity of KORUS stems from the core module. Housed within this core module is a versatile and robust dynamic microphone, as well as components that enable it to operate wirelessly. The core module is also the middle component and acts as the binding unit, allowing other modules to be attached to it at either end. Depending on what you are recording, all you need to do is attach your chosen head and base modules and you are good-to-go - everything is interchangeable. The base modules allow the user to precisely position the microphone, for example by attaching it to their instrument, while the head modules ensure the sound is captured correctly, like the wind muffler module, which is great when using KORUS microphones outdoors.

Multiple KORUS microphones can be recorded and controlled on a single interface using the dedicated KORUS mobile application. This takes the hassle out of sound engineering and grants users greater control when using KORUS microphones to perform live. To ensure there is no audio hang-up or latency, KORUS utilises a small router unit that simply plugs into the user's phone, tablet or computer and wirelessly interfaces with the microphones.

KORUS microphones require no wires, no stands and no sound boards, making them supremely portable – when paired with the KORUS mobile application, they become a complete recording studio that will fit in your bag.