DCA partners with Xiamen Golden Dragon to design and develop a new luxury coach interior

Published on: 20th December 2015

Early in 2015, DCA started work on the interior of a new line of luxury coaches with Xiamen Golden Dragon, one of the largest bus and coach builders in China.  Our goal was to improve build quality, enhance ergonomics for both passengers and drivers and set new standards for coach interior design.

Early in the project DCA’s multi-disciplinary team spent an extended period in the production facilities of Xiamen Golden Dragon and its Chinese suppliers to gain an insight into the current capabilities, identify areas for improvement and understand where gains in passenger and driver experience could be made.  Whilst on site our human factors specialist ergonomically assessed a range of locally sourced passenger seats and the driver’s environment in current vehicles. 

Back in Warwick our team of researchers, engineers, human factor specialists and designers has collaborated closely with Xiamen Golden Dragon throughout 2015 to develop the interior design for this new top line vehicle due to be launched in 2016.