Singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines First and Business Class seating concepts

Published on: 13th October 2014

Earlier this year, DCA developed and provided design concepts for Singapore Airlines' First and Business Class seats.

Our work began with an initial research phase to identify and respond to major trends in behaviours and expectations amongst high end air travellers.  One such insight was the growing tendency for business travellers to take partners or families with them on business trips.

This informed both the First and Business Class seating concepts.  So in First Class we have provided an extremely spacious cosseting and luxurious space for an individual traveller that works equally well as an intimate shared space for a couple travelling together.  The main seat can be split in two with each half controllable independently while the large format screen can be configured to display two different outputs if necessary.  Or, the companion can use the high quality buddy seating area.  Alternatively, the space can easily accommodate four people, including the option to dine together.

The story is similar in Business Class.  A rising screen and substantial sliding door provide the ultimate in privacy for the lone traveller.  Conversely with the screens lowered social interaction between adjacent seats is easy and engaging.