DCA will be delivering a workshop at EAD2019

Published on: 22nd January 2019

DCA will be delivering a workshop at the 13th International Conference of the European Academy of Design (EAD2019) in Dundee, on 10-12th April.

EAD is one of the world’s most influential design conferences and DCA’s research team will be running a workshop on ‘Using Digital Agile Communities in industrial design’.

Being agile is a hot topic in the design industry today. The Agile Manifesto was first published in 2001 as a set of principles to encourage better ways of developing software, yet is still largely only used in digital and software companies today.

Within industrial design, there are many challenges to be faced when becoming more agile. One of the barriers is that conducting research with users in a traditional model can take time, holding up the next stage of design. However, in response to demand for more agile research methods, we have been developing more integrated and efficient ways of keeping users in the loop throughout the design process.

At the conference workshop, participants will learn how to conduct agile design research through a tool we call Digital Agile Communities. We will set a rapid design activity and have a live community of users set up for participants to post their sketches to and interact with all within the workshop.

If you are attending EAD2019 and would like to arrange to meet, please contact Charlotte Pyatt-Downes – Design Researcher: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there!