DCA wins three 2017 iF awards

Published on: 17th February 2017

DCA is delighted to announce that the new Sensodyne® Expert toothbrush and two internal design concepts Mersiv and Coastal have won 2017 iF design awards.

The new Sensodyne® Expert toothbrush has been designed for people with sensitive teeth in India. The new brush design encompasses an intricate pattern unique to the brand which flows through the brush handle, becoming more prominent as a thumb grip at the top of the handle. This detail is also echoed in the tongue cleaner pad at the back of the head.

The design embodies the newly emerging visual brand language (VBL) for Sensodyne® and shows how it can be subtly adapted for the Indian market and is a great example of the future vision for Sensodyne®. The VBL has been rebalanced through layering, colour and the introduction of a detailed pattern to allow for a more expressive design - specific to the Indian consumer, whilst still communicating the premium nature of the brand.


The number of coastal deaths is on the rise; 49 people have died over the last five years in the UK alone. Nationally, the number of deaths has reached a five-year high. The main issue is time. It takes too long for incidents to be reported and for the Coast Guard to reach a casualty, by which point it can be too late.

Coastal eradicates this ambiguity; a discreet armband which can be worn by coastal sports enthusiasts that can be activated instantly if the wearer finds themselves stranded or caught in a rip-tide. Once triggered, a flotation aid is released and a GPS location alert is sent directly to the Coast Guard for immediate rescue.

The aim of this project was to also create the opportunity to bring funding to an organisation that otherwise does not get much; Coast Guards all around the world are comprised of groups of extremely brave, selfless volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to keeping the oceans as safe as possible. This product therefore could be a government funded initiative in order to raise more money for new equipment and facilities wherever needed. Coastal could not only be offered as an off-the-shelf accessory in sports/surf stores and alike, but also as something that could be rented on a daily basis from surf rental stores and pop-up beach-side instalments , raising money and creating awareness of the dangers of the Coast.


Mersiv is a concept designed to revolutionize the way in which we learn languages. Using sights and sounds around it, Mersiv tailors personalized micro language lessons—mimicking the way that we learn our first language as infants—by exposing users to a new language within the context of their own lives.

Utilizing an in-built camera and microphone to identify and tailor unique micro language lessons directly relevant to the user in that moment, Mersiv transforms the world around them into an immersive language lesson. Self generating, with both passive and interactive modes, the user is effortlessly immersed in their chosen language, with options to increase the immersion and skill levels in the Mersiv app.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the society where that language is native, however, very few have the luxury of being able to do this! Mersiv’s modern language-learning system brings the a similar type of immersive learning to you, wherever you are.