Engagement with pupils at Kenilworth School and Kineton High School

Published on: 28th April 2023

The DCA team have been doing some fantastic work recently as part of DCA’s commitment to help inform and educate the local younger community about the skills and attributes required to embark on a rewarding career as an engineer or designer in product design and development. Our long term aim is to increase diversity in product design by making sure that as wide a range of pupils as possible are aware of this exciting career option before they make their GCSE subject choices.

Following discussions with Kenilworth School and Kineton High School, we went into the schools to offer students a valuable insight into the world of product engineering and design consultancy. During both events the students took the opportunity to chat with our designers and mechanical engineers about what their daily life entails and the academic journey and life experiences that led them to an exciting career as innovators at DCA. 

During these two events, we interacted with over 300 students from school years 9 to 11 who asked many questions and were interested to learn about the processes by which everyday items develop from a marketing opportunity, through initial ideas and concepts, into something you can buy on the shelf at your local shops.  Or indeed into the bus, train or electric scooter you use to make the journey to your local shops! 

Thank you to the staff and pupils at both Kenilworth School and Kineton High School for making us so welcome and for your enthusiasm and engagement during our visits.  Hopefully we succeeded in putting product design on your radar and communicating the buzz we all get when we see the positive impact our products have on people’s lives and the world around us!