Kun Seven launched at Namm 2023

Published on: 20th May 2023

We are excited to reveal the Kun Seven, a revolutionary new shoulder rest system for violin players of the highest proficiency.

Fifty years ago, Kun, the market leader, developed the world’s first industrially produced shoulder rest, which is still serving a broad and loyal audience worldwide. Juliana Farha, Kun's Managing Director, approached DCA to create a totally new innovative rest system that offered an unrivalled solution in terms of customisation, musician’s comfort and sound.

Kun Seven, has been developed in close collaboration between Kun, DCA and leading professional violin players. The latter have provided invaluable input and insight throughout all stages of the development process. DCA's team was also led by a violinist, our very own maestro, Maartje Pel! A wide range of use cases, from stage performances, to full-day rehearsals, studio recordings and long distance travel, have all shaped the requirements of the new design in terms of acoustics, adjustability, grip and comfort.

Kun Seven is a system, based on a radical new approach - going back to first principles. The two main functional elements are split into separate parts that can be adjusted independently - a stiff bridge that provides reliable grip on the instrument and a separate pad that can be adjusted to fit to the user’s shoulder. This separation achieves the functional goal of uncompromising fit, both to the player and to the instrument. It also provides the opportunity to achieve maximum customisation and personalisation.

Available in Q4 2023.