New digital innovation launch for Nicorette®

Published on: 10th September 2018

DCA has helped GSK Consumer Healthcare launch MyQuit Band for Nicorette®. Developed in partnership with the GSK Global Design Team the MyQuit Band is the first device+app enabled product that combines a nicotine focused replacement therapy with a Behaviour Support Program (BSP) using sensor technology and the MyQuit mobile app to improve the chances of quitting.

Quitting is different for everyone.

Cigarette cravings are set off by triggers, places or situations where you would normally smoke. The MyQuit Band learns about your smoking patterns to get ahead of when or where a craving may spring up. In combination with the MyQuit app this provides the support you need throughout your quit by offering the right tips and advice exactly when you need it. The MyQuit Band works alongside nicotine replacement products like Nicorette® Gum and Nicorette® Lozenge to improve your chances of success.

Working in close partnership with the GSK Global Design team, DCA helped develop the physical experience design from its initial conception through to creating the digital assets to support its launch.

Designed for function, safety, and comfort using high-grade medical materials the MyQuit Band is splash proof and can withstand spills or getting caught in the rain. The MyQuit Band’s Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter (2.4 GHz) allows it to communicate seamlessly with your smartphone and comes with pre-installed silver oxide batteries to give up to 4 months of life.

The MyQuit Band is available exclusively in the US from CVS.