RB launches Veet Sensitive Precision Expert

Published on: 12th April 2018

RB has launched the new and improved Veet Sensitive Precision Expert, a female grooming kit that gently trims and precisely shapes your delicate body parts, such as eyebrows, bikini and underarms.

The battery powered ‘Wet & Dry’ device now incorporates a soft co-moulded TPE skin to provide the perfect grip and make it ideal for use in the bath or shower.

The Veet Sensitive Precision Expert kit includes a pair of interchangeable heads, one for bikini trimming/styling and the other an adjustable precision trimmer to give total control over eyebrow shaping. Both heads include a range of height guards to ensure an even hair length.

Significant sustainability improvements have been made to the packaging with one component doubling as a convenient storage pouch allowing you to take the kit wherever you go.

DCA is delighted to have been involved in another successful device development with the Global Design, R&D and Category Marketing teams at RB and are proud to continue to help build a strong visual brand language for Veet.