Remote deployment device

Remote Deployment Device for X-Net® system successfully completes trials

Published on: 8th August 2012

The Remote Deployment Device (RDD) designed by DCA as an integral part of QinetiQ’s X-Net® vehicle arresting system has successfully completed a rigorous round of US Department of Defense (DOD) trials designed to test its capability against the most demanding of operational conditions.

The tests, funded by the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, yielded such impressive results that the X-Net® system will be fully deployable within US military environments upon completion of the final DOD test report.  The results from the DOD tests will also open opportunities for QinetiQ to sell the X-Net® system to both military and security organisations customers operating in the most challenging environments worldwide.

The Remote Deployment Device significantly improves operator safety by removing them from the danger zone as the target vehicle approaches.  It is triggered by a foot-activated switch unit and fully deploys the X-Net® 10T in approximately one second.  Unlike any other system, this ensures that the suspect vehicle can be arrested without putting the operator’s life at risk.