Tackling water scarcity with P&G

Published on: 27th October 2021

For the last 18 months, DCA have been working on some exciting and noble front end innovation initiatives with P&G. These address the issue of water scarcity accelerated by climate change by improving awareness and changing consumption behaviours.

Our relationship with water is on course to require a fundamental change. As many cities in both developed and developing countries inch closer to reaching Day Zero -when most of the city's taps will be switched off due to limited supply. The recent global pandemic has put further strain on our water resources through changes to our daily routines and heightened hygiene practices.

P&G are founding members of the 50L Home coalition, whose primary objective is to create sustainable solutions that will solve the urban water crisis and create financially viable opportunities for our communities. P&G believe that we could all manage with only 50 litres of water per person per day, as opposed to a typical average consumption of 300 litres in the US. P&G’s Global Head of Sustainable Innovation, Frantz Beznik, challenged us to help bring their ideas to life and ‘Make Sustainable Irresistible’.

By applying our agile development tools, even during the height of lockdown, we produced a range of compelling physical experience prototypes. These can be retrofitted into existing domestic water management systems and allow P&G to test their propositions in the real world.

We are proud of the results and eagerly anticipate seeing how users respond. Watch this space as we continue to develop a future range of disruptive products that have positive influence on the planet.