Human factors for drug delivery devices

Human factors is a critical part of medical device development. As well as being essential for regulatory compliance, it plays an important role in ensuring that drug delivery devices have both a competitive edge and a positive impact on therapy compliance.

We have a deep understanding of the connections between drug delivery devices, instructions for use, companion apps, websites and packaging. To optimise the user experience and product effectiveness, we advocate developing these aspects in parallel as far as possible. We are experts at embedding human factors into device systems, following the principles of IEC62366 and drawing from a diverse toolset and skills base to ensure insights are gained early and often.

We also understand drug delivery at a portfolio level, having developed platform devices that are used successfully across multiple applications. Development of effective platforms must be informed by a detailed appreciation of user expectations and the needs of different patient groups. These insights have helped us to develop device solutions that can be appropriately customised and differentiated within efficient manufacturing frameworks.

By combining our understanding of people, technology and the device market, we can focus designs so that they optimise compliance and system performance. Building on considerable experience across a wide range of drug delivery devices and fast-moving consumer health products, we treat every challenge differently. If you would like to discuss how we could help to optimise your next product, please get in touch.


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