BD Intevia<sup>TM</sup> by DCA Design

BD Intevia™


Becton Dickinson


2.25mL autoinjector




  • Colour, material and finish
  • Industrial design
  • Human factors and usability
Developed specifically to effectively and safely administer a variety of biologic medicines of differing viscosities up to 40cP, BD Intevia™ 2.25mL is a fully mechanical, high performance, 2-step push on skin disposable autoinjector.

BD Intevia™ 2.25mL is the product of an evidence-based development approach. In-depth user research was carried out to determine and assess ergonomic requirements as well as aesthetic preference. DCA’s design work held these user needs in primary focus whilst carefully integrating them with the foundational technical architecture. This has resulted in a simple to use device that offers a platform for dose viscosity customisation within a visually attractive yet highly ergonomic form factor. 

DCA’s design work held user needs in primary focus