Future Gazing


British Airways


Vision Project




  • CMF
  • Industrial design
  • Insight and strategy
  • Interior design
  • Usability and HF
  • Virtual reality
British Airways approached DCA to help them research and develop their future 1st Class and Business Class experiences. The aim was to generate a range of ideas for seats on their next-generation of aircraft.

We worked closely with the British Airways team to understand their passenger behaviours and expectations. This grounding informed and shaped our proposals for journey experiences with a focus on quality and the feel of touch points. A key part of the design process was the ability to simulate a range of different experiences, centred on a common seat platform.
Our vision was to create several distinctly different experiences with the implementation of technology, using light reflective surfaces, modern fabrics and finishes designed to create unique visual effects.

British Airways aim to be leaders in air travel experience and a vital part of their new service offer revolves around personal preference and tailoring experiences to individual needs.

We explored ways in which augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies can enhance the passenger experience.

Our vision was to create several distinctly different experiences.

Historically the BA colour palette comprised of dark blue hues. Looking to the future, this new 1st Class offer provided the perfect opportunity for BA to introduce a lighter, more luxurious mix of colour and textures.
In a quest for efficiency, more seats are often squeezed into the same space envelope through ingenious configurations and innovative layouts. A negative consequence can be a rather claustrophobic look and feel, which we addressed by developing panels with individually, controlled louvres. This novel feature provides a visually engaging opportunity to open up the interior space whilst providing privacy when needed.