Three Cans Of Budweiser

Budweiser Can is runner up in the Core 77 Design Awards for Best Packaging Design

Published on: 14th August 2014

DCA are pleased to announce that the Budweiser Bowtie Can has been named a runner up in the Core 77 Design Awards for 'Best Packaging Design of the Year'.

It's safe to say that the beer can hasn't changed much in terms of shape - you can always count on the classic can and the traditional tallboy. Metaphase Design Group, Inc., Anheuser-Busch InBev and DCA took a stab at innovating the can's form and came back with a Budweiser pop-top that does more than just look good. Their bowtie-shaped can mirrors the logo, bringing the brand to a whole new level of marketing. "A real innovation in the beer can category, and superb graphic design to enhance the concept and shape," says the jury.