Aquafresh toothbrushes

DCA refreshes Aquafresh Little Teeth toothbrush range

Published on: 18th July 2013

Specifically designed for children aged three to five, DCA has created a unique set of animal characters all chosen because having great teeth is an inherent part of their character.

“We developed a cast of characters including Curt the Croc, Sammy the Shark, Bella the Bunny and Tilly the Tiger,” said Peter Kay, Head of FMCG design at DCA. “We gave each of them a unique personality and story, based on facts about their teeth. Together they offer a family of positive role models during this crucial development stage, engaging a child’s imagination without compromising their parents’ authority.” The whole range is linked together visually by the distinctive Aquafresh ‘Flex-Zone’ neck and is complemented by new packaging developed by the GSK oral health category team in partnership with the Brand Union.”