DCA deliver workshop on Inclusive Design

Published on: 5th April 2019

Dan Jenkins and Lisa Baker delivered a workshop on Inclusive Design at the Bosch Designers Network Meeting at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, Germany.

The workshop discussed the importance of designing for the widest range of human capabilities at a sensory, cognitive, and physical level. Examples were used to explain the history of inclusive design and highlight how it is influenced not just by size and shape, but also by gender, age, ethnicity, education levels, disposable income, languages spoken, culture & customs, and diets.

Physical and digital case studies were used to explain how a philosophy of inclusive design can be integrated into the design process, not just for those with permanent disabilities (such as being profoundly deaf) but also when there situational limitations on capabilities (such as choosing to watch a video without audio in an open-plan office). A wide range of tools and techniques to support inclusive design were discussed to ensure that informed trade-offs can be made throughout the design process.

The organisational value of inclusive design was also discussed in detail. Highlighting that beyond compliance, it can also lead to a larger customer base, improved satisfaction, reduced returns & servicing, increased brand reputation, and improved staff morale.

The event was attended by over fifty designers from across Bosch’s business units and resulted in some fascinating discussions, identifying some exciting opportunities for future products.

If you would like to learn more about DCA’s thoughts on inclusive design, please get in touch.