DCA Team Attends FiveAI Showcase at the Design Museum

Published on: 18th October 2018

FiveAI presented two of their autonomous cars to an invited audience at the Design Museum in London last night complete with the roof boxes and sensor equipment mounting systems designed, produced and installed by DCA. The evening was a celebration of what FiveAI have achieved so far and an opportunity to outline the roadmap for their future direction of travel.

The event kicked off with three presentations, including one from FiveAI’s founder and chief executive, Stan Boland. These explained FiveAI’s structure with teams located in London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Oxford as well as at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford. The technology that has already been developed and delivered in the current trial vehicles was outlined, as well as some of the challenges that lay ahead. Mr Boland also took the opportunity to encourage everyone present to get behind this UK led programme to ensure that we retained control of our city infrastructures rather than surrendering this to the US and Chinese competition.

As well as the two test vehicles on show, FiveAI also had representatives from each of their locations demonstrating the company’s approach on Policy, Safety, Perception and Prediction.

Representatives from DCA’s engineering, electronics and design teams attended the Showcase and it was great to be part of this exciting event and to see our completed and ongoing work in the context of the total development programme.